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Pippa@ 11:52pm 06-12-2018
Thank you for the wonderful site. I am researching Waugh and Dodd and your information has been most helpful.
Peter Davison@ 10:09am 06-28-2017
What is the evidence for Mary Ann Hunter (born c 1820) Haswell, County Durham being daughter of Robert Haswell Hunter and Hannah Jane Hunter (nee Ford)? Circumstantial evidence suggests this but is there a written record?
billyllincoln@ 7:12am 01-14-2017
willam edgar lincoln was my grandfarther. willam rufus was my great grandfarther.. i am doing my family tree on the lincoln.if any out who might know these names places send me an emil at the above
billy lincoln@ 10:59am 04-02-2015
willam edgar lincoln was my grandfarther. my name is billylincoln i lived in haslington crewe cheshire. i came two australia in 1971 and now i live in victoria
diane likopulos@ 12:14am 04-25-2013
Hi Harry,
I must have made a typo in my email address sorry! Yea Simon is my cousin I havent seen him in years, as we live in different countries. I will get his email and be in touch with him. So I am right that we are distant cousins? Thanks
Harry Caper@ 8:54am 04-23-2013
Hi Diane - great to hear from you. I tried to send you an email but it failed to get to you. You don't need to be worried about putting your true email address in the guestbook form - it can only be seen by me as the guestbook owner - I promise I don't spam folks! I swapped some emails with Simon - your cousin I think - a couple of years ago - he found a version of this family tree on and got in touch with me that way.
Diane Likopulos@ 1:40am 04-23-2013
I found my grandparents and ancestors, so awsome. I am related to the Boynton family. I live in Canada as my parent immigrated in the 50s. My ancestor Louis Boynton moved to Canada in 1912, but our family has no knowledge of what happen to him. Thanks so much I have learned a lot about my family today. I will be returning to leeds next month so will tell the Boyntons what I have found out. I too am related to William Boynton Butler his father was the brother to my gggrandfather.I think I have it right.
Thanks for this great site.
George Arthur Boynton and Lily Robinson had 5 children Joan-D, Betty Barbara-D (my mother) Louise and Carol.
Diane Baldwin Likopulos
Victoria@ 4:43pm 01-28-2013
Hi sorry igot the name wrong my great grandma was Nellie
Victoria@ 3:50pm 01-28-2013
Hi William was my great great uncle his sister was my great grandma,who married my grandad then had a son samuel Tomlinson who then had my dad john,my dad went to the leeds libary to get cuttings of william which he put in picture frame which i have got,great to hear anymore i will let my dad know.
jennifer sharpe@ 1:37pm 07-11-2012
Hi typed Henderson and trimdon in google and it brought me here! Iam descended from matthew Henderson 1833 would love to hear from any one connected .
Harry Caper@ 4:55pm 04-22-2012
Hi Jo - thanks for saying Hi on the guest book! I believe the VC has passed out of the family, which is a great shame. An email is winging its way through the aether to you.

Jo Clarke@ 3:39pm 04-22-2012
Hi Harry

Amendment to my previous email - of course William was awarded the Victoria Cross.
Jo Clarke nee Butler@ 3:37pm 04-22-2012
Hi Harry

William Boynton Butler is my late father Robert Butler's nephew, which makes him my 2nd cousin (his mother Caroline is my father's aunt, my grandfather is Caroline's brother, Mark).

Your family tree is fascinating, very comprehensive - thank you very much for sharing it.

Incidentally - do you know the whereabouts of William's Military Cross? I would love to see it. My father Robert was awarded the Military Medal in 1950 while he was in Malaya.

Kind Regards

Jo Clarke
Bev Reilly U.E.@ 2:59pm 03-15-2012
Great family tree website that you have.
PS I'm working on William Boynton Butler, Victoria Cross Recipient's family. You've been a great help.
Lee@ 8:18am 01-28-2011
Had a look at your site after reading your comments about CSS customizations on the GenoPro forum. Got to say I love your customisations.

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